Chicago Tribune Foundation

Throughout its existence the Chicago Tribune Foundation has funded thousands of local community-based organizations. Today, the Chicago Tribune Foundation supports a small and diverse group of nonprofit organizations to provide education, art and journalism programs in communities where these opportunities are not often available. Some of the programs are held within the school day to enhance curriculums and bring in professionals of the respective programs to the schools. The professionals expose students to their expertise and career opportunities. Other programs are held after-school to provide access to opportunities that youth may not often have. Programs that receive support are throughout Chicago and the suburbs. With several of the programs, there is an emphasis on writing skills or career development to encourage students to develop their potential.


The Chicago Tribune Foundation funds these programs to bring positive and developmental programs in under-resourced communities.


Teachers often comment that when students participate in these programs they become motivated to do well in school and their confidence level increases. Encouraging youth to succeed helps to build the future of the city and suburbs.